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RossMorgan& Associates is a brand development and sales promotion company. Responsible for creation of the business, its development and overall growth and profitability.  Primary business functions include creating and implementing sales promotions, brand development, consumer and B2B marketing programs. Also responsible for creating business plans and implementation plans, establishing measuring mechanisms and overseeing results and analysis.

Created marketing programs for new products, safety programs, corporate wellness campaigns as well as branded and co-branded marketing events. Very well seasoned in both traditional and non-traditional channels to educate and build emotional connections with consumers

Developed product launch plans, including P&L and innovation road map to introduce brands and products offerings.

Implemented marketing strategies for trade shows, corporate events, mobile marketing tours and educational programs

Cultivated vendor relations, co-branded programs and business partnership development to gain placement, sell in and sell through opportunities. Implement project management practices to insure direction, motivation, resources and effective communication tools

Promoted products and services in numerous business segments, including consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, technology, medical, industrial products, financial services and manufacturing. Increased product and service offering over more than two decades in business to keep up with industry trends, technology, efficiencies and profitability

Partnered with best of breed non competitive providers to expand service offerings and to maintain a high standard of partners with proven track records of being responsive and effective resulting in additional revenue streams impacting the bottom line

Work with executive management, HR, sales, marketing, brokers, finance, logistics and POS to insure that all aspects of client team are in the know, on board with the plan, and execute with clearly defined rolls towards a common goal

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